Jim Shively

Jim Shively

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Six Years in the Hanoi Hilton: An Extraordinary Story of Courage and Survival in Vietnam (with a foreword by Senator John McCain) is now available to order online and will be in bookstores March 13th, 2017. I can’t wait to share Dad’s incredible story with you!

Excited is an understatement!  Grab some tissues, but also, don’t be afraid that it will be too difficult to read.  You will definitely laugh a little, probably cry a little, and hopefully come away with a new perspective on freedom. After you read it, PLEASE, leave a comment here, and a review on the retailer website. I can’t wait to see what you think – tell me the good, the bad and the ugly. Don’t hold back! 

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“Six Years in the Hanoi Hilton is not merely a story of war, captivity, and torture. It is the story of a special man, one of the best and brightest of his generation. Jim Shively’s faith, inner strength, patriotism, and humility were the hallmarks of a truly great American. He was a man of character and dedication to service. It was my distinct privilege to know Jim Shively. We became friends relatively late in his life. He shared many memories, some about his captivity in Vietnam. But mostly Jim offered a perspective on life filled with a rare honesty and sincerity that made every hour with him an honor. Through the pages of this book, that honor is now yours."
Mike Fitzsimmons, radio and television journalist, news director, and talk radio host, KXLY Newsradio 920, Spokane

"As a classmate of Jim Shively at the Air Force Academy and a lifelong friend, I am truly ecstatic that Jim’s daughter, Amy, has written this book. My wife, Sandy, and I have spent many, many hours not just reading the book, but discussing it in considerable detail. I have not read any other book on the POW experience that impressed me to the same extent. I believe the reader will be greatly pleased and blessed by the absolutely wonderful rendition and research by Amy. Jim Shively was truly a gentleman and man among men, and I will never forget his terrible wounds staring us in the face each day from his heroic resistance. Obviously, by this outstanding book, it is clear his spirit, courage, and excellence remain with us on earth in his daughter, Amy, as well as with him where he is now. Thank you, Amy, this book has been a spectacular confirmation of my very highest opinion of your dear father and my dear friend. All the best to you for its wonderful success, which I believe will greatly bless our country in many, many ways."
Captain Guy Gruters, motivational POW speaker and author of Locked Up With God 

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